III. Preparing for Your Trip


•  Passports and Visas

American citizens will need a passport, which they can obtain via any post office. The passport should be obtained at least four months before departure and the visa (if you need one) at least six weeks before departure to ensure timely return of your passport and visa from the consulate. Make sure that there are at least two open pages in your passport. In case of theft or if you lose your passport, it will help to have a copy to apply for an exit permit.

Each person going to Mozambique will need a visa from the Mozambique Embassy prior to coming to the country at their own additional cost . . Visa application forms are obtainable from: www.embamoc-usa.org/visaform.pdf Each team member will need a letter of invitation from the church in Mozambique, therefore, the team leader must email GMF's office the full names and passport numbers of each team member. GMF's office in South Africa will then contact the church in the area of ministry to obtain the invitation letters and will fax that back to the team leader. The visa applications must be sent to the High Commission of Mozambique at Washington DC , USA . Global Ministries Foundation can also be contacted for assistance to obtain visas.

The short-term mission leader must request the needed information for the application for visas from GMF's office in South Africa ,(hennieventer@worldmission.co.za) and it will be gladly emailed to you.


B. Medical

Each team member should have an up-to-date tetanus vaccination prior to coming to Southern Africa and should consult with his or her personal physician about any other vaccinations needed for the ministry area. Each member must take medication for malaria two weeks before leaving the U.S. and four weeks after returning to the U.S. This is not an option for those going into malaria endemic areas. There have been those who have decided that they didn't need to continue the medication when they got home and have become very sick from malaria. Most projects will be in or near a malarial endemic area.

Contact your local physician regarding medication for chloroquine-resistant mosquitoes. We recommend Larium (Mefloquine), but your physician is the one best qualified to instruct you as far as dosage and contra-indications with other medicines or medical conditions that you may have. Upon arrival to S.A. the Team Leader must hand in the Information Forms to the Project Director delineating any medical concerns such as allergies (especially bee stings), epilepsy, or any other physical concerns that may affect work on the job site or in remote villages.

If you travel via Kenya or Northern parts in Africa and then to South Africa or Mozambique , you are requested to get a yellow fever shot and to bring your card or proof of yellow fever shot with. If not, you will not be allowed in SA and need then to take a shot on the airport at high cost.

C. Size and Composition of Teams

The ideal number in a team is 12 to 24. If your team would be involved in construction it is ideal that at least six people in the group are available for full-time construction and that at least a couple of the men have knowledge and experience in construction techniques. However, most team members will be trained on the site and do not need to have prior experience, just a willingness to learn and work as a team. Each group will need to have one or two team members to be available to work in the kitchen each day, while the team is on-site. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by his/her parent.

Training teams will consist of an overall Group Leader and smaller team leaders, as you separate for ministry in various villages. Each small team should have someone to preach, to teach the men, to minister to the women, to teach the children and the youth. A camp helper is also a very useful role. Teams not having people to fulfil roles must let GMF staff know well ahead of the trip so that the team can be supplemented with staff personnel.

D. Luggage

Bring no more than one personal piece of hard luggage per person. Include a second piece of hard luggage that will contain ministry supplies and gifts for our village hosts. The airlines require that the total of length + width + height measurements of each checked piece does not exceed 62” and that the weight should not be more than 70 pounds. A personal carry-on is also allowed which may not be larger than 9” in height or 14” in width. Current security restrictions must also be checked out and carefully observed by all team members. Packing must be completed with the understanding that you may be asked to have your luggage opened and inspected at the airport.

Lost luggage: If one or more pieces of luggage do not arrive, please inform the airport officials at the lost luggage counter immediately upon arrival so that a forwarding address and other important information may be given to baggage officials. Please contact GMF office (Hennie Venter) to provide you with the forwarding address in case of lost luggage. They can call him on his cell nr +27 79 522 4139

E. Arrival in South Africa / Mozambique / Botswana

Upon arrival in South Africa the Short term Mission Team Information Forms need to be given to the GMF Director. It is advisable that you exchange at least $100.00 at the airport for purchasing soft drinks, snacks, souvenirs and lunches during the trip. You may also wish to purchase small momentos for those who supported and prayed for you during your trip. You may want to exchange more than $100.00 if you need to purchase a larger number or more expensive souvenirs. There is a bank available in the customs area of the arrival gate. Another facility for foreign exchange will most likely not be available during the trip. The Project Director will guide you. Consult the NY Times, Financial Newspaper or Bank regarding the current exchange rate. Also, in the airport your Group Leaders will have time to reconfirm and book seats for your return flight. Take note, to be very cautious at ATM machines for people who might offer their ‘help” and then steal your credit card.