II. The Short term Mission Project

  A. How can you make the most of your short term stay in South Africa ?

The three most important ingredients to ensure a positive experience will be preparation, prayer and perspective (attitude). You should prepare yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. Much time should be devoted to prayer before going. Pray for the country and people of South Africa , their missionaries, your team members and the work that you will be doing there. Your attitude should be one of service, flexibility and commitment.

Your mission is to serve the people and the church in Africa . Be willing to "roll with the punches" and be completely flexible. Be ready to pray that the Lord will open closed doors. One group faced a possible long delay in the shipment of supplies to the work site. A few minutes after the pastor led his group in prayer, the truck was seen heading up to the site.

Finally, prepare physically at least two months prior to departure. Your time in Africa will include times of rigorous physical activity. If you don't have a regular time of physical exercise, seek someone who can assist you in developing a plan.

B. What does GMF Africa expect from you?

•  Fervent prayer – Remember that you are going to the front lines of a spiritual battle.

•  Commitment and involvement – You will be spending a lot of time and resources to make the trip and you will want to make every moment count.

•  Feedback – We are always seeking to improve the trip conditions and arrangements and would be happy to receive your feedback on your stay

•  Cheerful cooperation with those in authority, both on your team and the mission staff.

Additional standards and practical suggestions are given in IV D, Standards and Practical Information section.

C. What can you expect from GMF Africa ?

GMF staff in South Africa will devote themselves to prayer for yo u and will provide fully-trained leadership in the country. The staff will do their best to provide for the team's needs while on the work site. (See Appendix for what you will be required to bring to South Africa )

D. What will be the spiritual impact on the team member?

The best way to answer this question is to share with you some statements of former team members:

"Missionary activity will broaden one's perspective on global Christianity, it will deepen the intellect and commitment ... dedication will be tested to the limits, the spiritual life will be enriched."

"The trip to S.A. has given me a tremendous blessing in many ways. I was impressed by the eagerness of the people in the village to hear about Jesus and to come to church. I was made aware of how the fields are ripe and ready for harvest. I will never be the same…”

"The South African mission trip really opened my eyes to the need of third world countries. Not only the physical needs, but the spiritual needs of the people to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior."