Ministry Report August 2009

“Pray for us , that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you…

2 Thessalonians 3:1


•  Praise the Lord for the team from FBC Lake Jackson, Texas and Hope Center Covenant, California who came to help built one of the cabins from July 9-19, 2009. We are so thankful for the help of the short-term team from Florence , SC who helped to build the first cabin in June. This will enable us to accommodate at least 16 persons during training seminars and conferences.

•  Skosh Peoples came two weeks prior the team, and helped tremendously with work on the project. What a blessing!!

•  Our team will continue to finish the interior of cabins (electrical, plumbing and walls). We will also finish the fence and construction of shower & toilet facility for camping area will start soon.

•  Pray with us for provision in needed funds for completion of this project.

•  Praise the Lord for answered prayer, as the rezoning application for the property was approved by local government.

Pray that God will use this facility to encourage, mobilize, equip and facilitate the leaders in Africa , and to serves as a witness unto the ends of the




6-17 August 2009

•  Thank you for your prayers for the outreach in Mesano , Mozambique . The Lord has truly blessed this mission in so many ways. Our team members were from South Africa , UK , India , USA and Mozambique .

•  God used us greatly in His service, and we saw hundreds of people committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Praise God for open hearts to receive the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

•  The crusade was well attended every night and we saw God truly at work here in Magul, Gaza Province , Mozambique . We experienced the Holy Spirit at work in a mighty way and witness how Jesus is building His Church to become a powerful witness in this land.

•  Our team ministered to the people during house visitations, and every afternoon a special service was held for the children. Men and women met every afternoon for discipleship teachings.

•  We are inspired and encouraged to see how God is raising up a vast army of young people to become leaders of the church in Mozambique and how he used them to make disciples. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done and what He will continue to do.

•  A highlight was on Saturday afternoon, when the new converts came for discipleship training.

•  Pray for pastor Khosa and the church in Mesano, that they will continue to grow in faith and grace. Our team preached at 3 other church plants every Sunday.

Pray for the completion of the construction of the church building. We were able to buy the materials for the roof of the church building. The church members will complete the work. We also helped to pay for the electrical power connection

Prayer Requests




4-12 SEPTEMBER 2009

•  Pray for the pastors, evangelists and leaders who will be attending, the Conference that will be held in the Derdegelid Baptist Church , RibaCross, Burgersfort. We are so excited to go back to this area because this is where we started church planting in 1983. Derdeglid was the second church that we built during that time.

•  Pray that the Holy Spirit will enlarge our vision and lead us to impact and equip a new generation of leaders.

•  Pray for evangelist Richard Hamlet who will be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ during the tent crusade every night. Bro Richard will also be our guest speaker at the Leadership conference.

•  Pray for pastor Thomas Marshall who will be teaching the morning session on Friday.

•  Pray for myself (Hennie) who will be preaching at the start of the crusade and he will teach two sessions in the conference.

•  Pray for the men's choir and directors of Back to the Bible College , Barberton who will be ministering with us during this time

•  Pray for the salvation of many during the evening crusade




GMF Africa : Pray for more partners to join us in our mission. Short-term teams are needed for specific projects to further the Great Commission.



We are a faith ministry. Pray that God will provide in all the resources for our personal and ministry needs .



Pray for the completion of the construction of the lecture rooms of CDL, and the construction of the church in Mesano.



Pray for open doors to plant new churches in Angola and Sudan .