"PRAYER - is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge to Satan."   -John Bunyan -


Dear Brothers & sisters in Christ,  

Greetings to you in the most wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!     Thank you so much for your prayers for us during the past month as we were ministering for God's glory.     His promise to us in Psalm 121:8 - "The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever."   is a great encouragement for our every day living.  All we need to do is to depend on His sovereign wisdom and obeying His Word.    

We appreciate your prayers, especially for Hennie. His health has improved since our last report and he is doing much better. He went twice now to have celestone fluid injected into his shoulder muscle. The doctor prescribe heart pressure tablets which he need to take daily to stablilize his blood pressure. God is good, and we thank Him for providing and taking care of us. We want to share with you briefly some of the highlights of our ministry the past month.   Many thanks to everyone who prayed for us and who financially supported this

missions outreach.



Hennie assisted the team from Florence , SC with the construction of part of the roof for this vital important  Training Seminary in Maputo , Mozambique . They manufactured the roof trusses in a week. There was a delay in the pouring of the concrete beams but Pastor Isaias and the local contractor will oversee the finishing of the roof as soon as the concrete beams are cured. We will keep you updated on the progress .

  El SHADDAI TRAINING CENTER POLOKWANE, Limpopo Province , South Africa

Preperations for the building of cabins were done during June. A combined short-term mission team from Texas and California USA will arrive on July 11th. We were blessed to have (unexpectedly), a small team with us this last week (from Florence , SC ) to help us with the construction of one of the cabins.    See pictures attached.       A lot of work was done over the last two weeks and we hope to finish two more with the Texas team.     We are so excited about the progress of the building of the accommodation needs at the El Shaddai Training Center and it will enable us to host at least 32 pastors and leaders during leadership training sessions in future.

We will work on the following during this month:


•  Finish the lapa reception/conference room

·          Construction of two more cabins

·          construction of the shower & toilet facility for the camping area 

fencing needs to be done

Evangelism & Discipleship outreach in Mankweng - July 6-19

Thanks for your prayers for this upcoming outreach in Mankweng. We trust the Lord to do great things in the lives of many people.

The short-term team from Texas and California will be arriving on July 9 th .

·          Pray that many children will come to attend the outreach every day, that God will prepare the hearts and save many.

·          Pray for the special outreach to Youth, that they will be encouraged and challenged drawn by the love of God.

·          Pray for the salvation of many souls during the evening Evangelistic crusade in the tent


Hands of Hope Sewing Training in Mankweng (13-19 July)

Pray for this special sewing training week for +-15 women. Each sewing group will send two ladies to represent and to come and learn more. The purpose with this training is to provide more business opportunities through which they can support themselves.

GMF Children International Orphan ministry in the Limpopo Province, SA

Rina visited the Reamogeleng Orphan Center in Mankweng, and Fairley Orphans during June. This was needed to update our orphan profiles and we used the opportunity to minister to the children. GMF Children is a division of Global Ministries Fellowship that focuses on giving abandoned and orphaned children around the world a chance for LIFE (physical and spiritual) by partnering with and enabling individuals, businesses and churches to use their recources to help move these children toward greater levels of health, hope and happiness. You can be part of a lifeline to vulnerable, defenseless children. For more info on GMF Children Lifeline or GMF Child Sponsorship visit our website: or




·          Pray for us as we will be doing the construction work of El Shaddai Training Center during July.

·          Pray for the Evangelistic outreach to the people of Mankweng. Pray for the salvation of many lost souls.

·          Pray for our team and as we are preparing to do Evangelism, Discipleship training and construction with the Messano Baptist Church , Magul , Mozambique (6-17 August 2009)

·          Pray for funds needed for the completion of the church building of Messano and to help repair the roof of the pastor's Sergio's house in 3rdFevereiro.

·          Pray that more churches will accept the challenge to adopt an area or people group to pray for; to mobilize members to go on an outreach, and to support missionaries through their prayers and financial recources.

·          Pray for open doors to preach and teach the Word of God in the Sudan , and Angola .

·          Pray for the top least reached countries of the world where there is less than 01% Christians represented. These countries are: North Korea , Saudi Arabia , Tibet , Turkenistan , Yemen , Tunisia , Afghanistan , Somalia and Iraq .

Pray for us, that God will keep His mighty hand of protection on us and provide in all our spiritual and physical needs.

We depend on your prayers and support for us. Thank you for reaping the harvest with us!

We will keep you updated on the progress of the work.

In His service

Hennie & Rina Venter

For we are God's fellow workers, and partners together to reach people for Christ! (1Cor 3:7-9)