"Perseverance is not a long race; 

it is many short races one after the other."

-Walter Elliot-

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ,


Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ!       Perseverance has been well defined as "courage strectched out".   Although God sometimes delivers his people from difficult and painful circumstances, he more often calls us to a courageous and encuring faithfulness in the midst of trials.   Perserverance, according to the Bible, is not only enduring situations of suffering but overcoming them with obedience, hope and joy.    Again, we are encouraged and want to encourage you too  -     "Don't get tired of doing what is good.  Don't get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time."    Galatians 6:9    Thank you for your faithful prayer and support for us!



Praise the Lord for the people in Malale who received the Good News with open hearts.    A follow-up discipleship week was held with the church in Malale.   We thank the Lord for our friends Jim & Judy Kotmeier and Jimmy & Kathy Naushley from Festus, Missouri, USA who came to minister with us.   We thank them also for their generous support towards the ongoing ministry of the Church in Malale.   We attended the Sunday morning worship service in Malale and it was a blessing again to see Donald & Jane who are committed leaders of the congregation.


Teaching the women was a blessing

as they came every afternoon to eagerly learn about the Word of God.

Hundreds of children came every afternoon to learn about the Bible and we also have visited the school every morning.

Hundreds of people came every night to listen to the Gospel in the tent and many accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Hennie did most of the preaching every night. The team from Ngwenani Baptist Church (Pastor Edson, Amos, Rodney, Eric and Joshua) ministered with us to help with the pitching of the tent, do housevisitations and served as interpreters.

We believed that the church in Malale was tremedously blessed and encouraged through this outreach and that they will continue to impact other people's lives as they learnt how to be witnesses for Christ. Thank you so much for your prayer and support for this outreach!!





New church planting outreach: Thononda , Venda - May 6

•  On Wednesday we travelled with Pastors Edson and Rodney to see a new church plant in one of the remote villages in Venda , Thononda. This is where we will help, God willing, to erect a steel structure later this year for the building of a church. Pray God's blessings on our plans to erect a steel structure on the church site later this year.

•  Pray for Pastors of the Venda area and for the growing of new converts in this village.

Center of Leadership Development (CDL), Mozambique - June 8-24

•  Thank the Lord for providing funds for the construction of part of the project.

•  Pr ay that our goal, to put on the roof of Block C and to finish 8 lecture rooms to be accomplished

•  Pray for pastor Isaias Uaene and the contractor team who are in the proces to construct the concrete beams and brick walls of the second floor.

•  Pray for the team from Florence , SC who will be arriving June 9 in Maputo to assist with the project.

El Shaddai Accommodation & Training Center

•  preperations for the building of cabins needs to be done before the arrival of the short-term team from USA on July 11th . We finished this month to plant the first poles and to purchase the wood and building materials needed for the project.

•  construction of the shower & toilet facility for the camping area needs to be done.

•  fencing needs to be done

•  pray for the needed funds to finish these projects before November 2009

•  pray for the rezoning of the land hearing that will take place on August 5, that we will have favor with the local government

Evangelism & Discipleship outreach in Mankweng - July 6-19

•  Pray for pastor Maile Seshoene and the church in Mankweng who are involved with the preparations for the outreach that will take place

•  Pray for Jack & Linda Crabtree (FBCLake Jackson) and Gary & Fran Karlstud ( California ), who are leading the short-term team to come.

•  Pray that many children will come to attend the outreach every morning, that God will prepare the hearts and save many.

•  Pray for the special outreach to Youth, that they will be drawn through the love of God.

Hands of Hope Sewing Training in Mankweng - July 13-17, 2009

•  Pray for this special sewing training week for +-15 women. Each sewing group will send two ladies to represent and to come and learn more. The purpose with this training is to provide more business opportunities at their homes.

Ministry in Mozambique - August and October 2009

•  Pray for us as we will be reaching out to the people through Evangelism, Discipleship training and construction.

•  Pray for the completion of the church building of Messano.

•  Pray for needed funds to help repair the roof of the pastor's house.

•  Pray for the churches and their pastors Kosa and Sergio Mundlovu


Update on Hennie's health

•  We appreciate your prayers for Hennie. He saw the orthopedic surgeon two weeks ago and the good news is that surgery on his shoulder is not neccesary at this point. The doctor injected his shoulder with celestone fluid. It was very painful and he took a few days to recover, but is feeling much better now. He will go back on the 26th for a follow-up visit. Another concern was Hennie's high blood pressure condition. That caused blood tests to be done. The doctor prescribed high blood pressure medicine and has put him on a spcial diet and hopefully his blood pressure condition will stabilise. Blood tests also shown signs of the bilharzia parasites which he contracted many years back in the Limpopo river. He will have more tests to be done on that later.

We depend on your prayers and support for us, and thank you for reaping the harvest with us!

We will keep you updated on the progress of the work.

In His service

Hennie & Rina Venter