Evangelizing the Least Reached Peoples Through Strategic Partnerships





1.  MALALE, VENDA (Limpopo Province, South Africa)

Malale is a remote village located 350km North East of Polokwane, about 5km from the border with Zimbabwe.    This is a neglected area in Northern South Africa and the goals and vision of the Church is to continue to plant more churches in the area.  

Lots of preparation work was done before this church was finally completed during April 2008.  The steel frame was erected, and foundations built out during the week of March.    The congregation in Malala met every Sunday for worship in a very small shop in the village.   Malale is a daughter church of Ngwenani Baptist church.  The FBC Festus, Missouri, USA sponsored the construction of the building and the short-term mission team ministered through Evangelism, Discipleship in the village.    We witnessed how hundreds of people committed their lives to Christ and denied their ancestral way of worship and to worship the true and living God.   The Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached for three weeks every night in the tent, and during the days over 200 houses were visited, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was presented at the local school in the village.    Over 600 children attended the children service that was held during the week, and 75 ladies came for discipleship training in the tent every afternoon.   During the church dedication service, the chief Malale expressed his thankfulness to God and the team and received the Word of God as a gift from the team with tears in his eyes.   

















2.  COROMANDEL, Lydenburg (Mpumalanga Province, South Africa)










It was a great challenge to fix the damaged steel frame of the church building in Coromandel.   


The steel frame was erected by private company a few years ago and fell down after a bad wind storm.   God provided in His own time and we praise God for the short-term team who came from Lake Jackson, Texas who assisted with the construction during July 2008.  















3.  KGOBA PARK, Polokwane (Limpopo Province, South Africa)

The fist church building project that we’ve done in 1989 in partnership with Pro Missions (Dr Jimmy Ervin) and short-term mission teams from the USA worked with Pastor Sam Lamola in the Moletjie district.  98 Church buildings have been built in SA since then.   It is a blessing to work with Pastor Sam, who is overseeing several congregations.    Kgobapark will be the seventh church that we will be built in partnership with their ministry.   Since December 2007, we erect the


steel frame, built the foundations and poured the cement slab for the floor.   The short-term mission team from First Baptist Church Milan, Tn and West Jackson Baptist Church, Jackson, Tn arrived on May 30th, 2008 to help finish the building project and to assist with evangelism and discipleship in the village.   The Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached every night in the tent crusade.    Many people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.












4.  GAPHAGO, Polokwane (Limpopo Province, South Africa)















Since December 2007, the steel frame was erected, foundations built out and cement slab for floor poured, of the church building in Gaphago.  A short-term team from Calvary BC, Florence, SC came during June 2008 to help with the building of the church. 














The team did an excellent job in finishing the construction of the walls within 7 days.  

The congregation of Gaphago gathered for many years in this old shack to worship.   Pastor Sam Lamola expressed their thanks for receiving this beautiful building.    

Our team was welcomed by the chief of the area, and every day teams went to visit people at their homes.     Many children of the village were blessed as we ministered to them every afternoon in the tent.





It is privilege to be part of this great project and vision to see leaders trained for the church in Mozambique.   

Founded in 1997, CDL exists primarily to provide Bible-based training to men and women who will equip others and nurture the churches in Mozambique.  (2 Timothy 2:2)   CDL, is a multi-denominational and non-profit ministry solely supported by contributions of individuals and organizations in harmony with its purposes.  All the financial support received for the ministry is appropriated directly toward spreading of the Gospel, children’s ministry and leadership development.  






(Inhambane Province, Mozambique)











God touched many people’s lives through the proclamation of His Gospel.   People of Massinga were invited to attend the evening crusade that took place in front of the church building in Massinga.    Many accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and were prayed and counseled for after the service.   Jesus’s life, death and resurrection touched many lives as shown in the Jesus Film.









Several church leaders and women attended the morning sessions discipleship teachings.




Hundreds of children came every afternoon to learn more about Jesus.  





We went through a very disappointing time during the first week in August, as the outreach to Siberia, Russia, was cancelled.    God gave wisdom in the situation, and we were able to redeem most of Hennie’s airfare money and send that to pastor Sergey Sotnikov at Light of the Gospel Church to help him to get some work done before the winter starts in Siberia.    Thanks for everyone who prayed and supported this project.    Please keep pastor Sergey in your prayers as he has also have to make very important decisions regarding his ministry.




4.  DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO  (1-6 September 2008).   










Hennie participated in the Training Conference that took place at the University Church, and preached the evening crusade every night.    We are so blessed to know bro Alain Lumbala, who organized the Conference in partnership with Herb Hodges and Oliver & Ellen McDonald of the USA who also did mainly the Discipleship teachings.




LUSAKA, ZAMBIA (17-29 September 2008)   











Pastor’s Training and Evangelistic Crusade was held in Chawama, Lusaka, Zambia which was sponsored by GMF.  Bro Richard Hamlet preached every evening the crusade.   We praise God as many souls responded on the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.    Over 300 church leaders attended for two days the leadership conference on Discipleship “The Jesus Strategy”.    Evangelist AC Mutale, Rev Aaron Zimba and Pastor David Chasernena organized the leadership training and crusade in partnership with the Pastors Fellowship of the area.   It was also a blessing to have bro Tom Woody and his team from Birmingham, AL USA. who had the opportunity to minister to the children during the crusade, orphanage and Aids hospice.






YOUTH FOR CHRIST, Bethel, XaiXai (Mozambique)


In January Hennie replaced the three-wheeler’s gearbox.   We renamed it, “Lazarus”, as it seems to be raised from the dead after standing now for quite a while.    Youth for Christ is doing a great work among the children and youth of Mozambique.  Volunteers are needed to help with the finishing of the Bethel Youth Camp Project.  















We’ve had our first two crusades during June and July 2008 at Kgabopark and Gaphago villages in the Moletjie area, North West of Pietersburg, South Africa.


Our primary task is to evangelize the lost and to be involved with the planting of new churches which are so desperately needed in the rural areas of Africa.   Over the past 30 years we were involved with the planting of over 250 churches and completed the 90th church building during July 2008.

God touched many people’s lives through the proclamation of His Word.   Precious souls are set free from bondage and found new life in Christ.   People are also reached through the showing of the Jesus Film, visitations to houses, schools, hospitals, prisons, etc.  We are also involved through various partnerships to teach and disciple the new converts.  







Two years ago, God has led us to start with the developing of a Mission’s accommodation & conference center where we live in Dalmada, Polokwane.     This will fulfill a great need in our area to host Christian conferences and seminars as well as provide affordable accommodation for travelers, church groups and missionaries.   The long-term purpose of this project is a “tent making ministry”  to generate finances to support future  mission efforts.     Please pray that God will provide for us what’s needed to get this exiting project of the ground and operational.   Individuals and short-term mission teams are welcome to come and assist with this special project.










We have assisted 25 women in four sewing groups with Sewing training.   These women had the opportunity to start their own businesses to become self supporting.   A sewing machine was donated to the Aids Hospice in Lusaka, Zambia during our visit in September.  










  • January  / February 2009:   
    1. Administration
    2. Preparations for outreaches and projects
    3. Manufacturing and erecting steel structures for church building projects.  We are presently assisting with extensions on the church buildings of Grace Baptist Church, Steelpoort and Ngwenani Baptist Church, Venda.  
    4. Construction overnight cabins at “El Shaddai” Mission Guest house 


  • March  / April 2009 :   Visiting supporting Churches and deputation in USA.


  • May 2009  :   Evangelism & Discipleship in Malale, Venda with short-term team from Festus, Missouri, USA


  • June / July 2009  : 

1.       Assisting with construction on Leadership Development Centre, Maputo Mozambique with short-term mission teams from Florence, SC, USA

2.       Construction of log cabins for El Shaddai Missions Centre

3.       Hands of Hope Sewing Training

4.       Children’s & Youth Outreach in Mankweng, Limpopo province, SA


  • August 2009  :   Discipleship Training and Crusade in Walvis Bay, Namibia


  • September 2009  :  GMF’s Missions Conference and Crusade in Limpopo Province, South Africa


  • October 2009  :  Outreach to Mozambique, Mozambique with short-term mission team from Kentucky, USA


  • November 2009  :  Annual leave








 We appreciate your prayers and support for us. 

Co-workers in Christ


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For we are God’s fellow workers, and partners together

reaching the lost for Christ!    (1Cor 3:7-9)