Democratic Republic of the Congo

Outreach August 2008 Lubumbashi.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

is located on the Equator in the center of the African continent, and is bordered to the south by Angola and Zambia . It shares its eastern border with Tanzania , Burundi , Rwanda , and Uganda . It's northern border is shared with Sudan , Central African Republic , and Republic of Congo .

An estimated 450 ethnic and linguistic groups and numerous sub-groups live in this country.

We can pray and go!!! I am going what about you????

I need help in God's people that can go and help us in witnessing, teaching discipleship,and preaching.

2008 August-September: Discipleship training and evangelistic crusade.
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Americans are most welcome in the Democratic Republic
of Congo. To confirm this there is a number of American folks
right working for/and with World Vision and working
for a number of American NGOs and American
missionaries working with a number of American
churches right here in Lubumbashi .

We can assure you that there is peace and rest in the
Democratic Republic of Congo as long as elections have
been held some time ago.

There has been some clushes between government
soldiers and troops from outside the Democratic
Republic of Congo ,by now everything has been getting
back to order as long as the so called rebel troops
have been merging with the government controlled

Yes,it is peace and rest for each one of the visitors
coming into the Democratic republic of Congo ,including

We remain in prayer with you for God to still open
doors and make this outreach possible.

Conflict in the Congo has killed 4 million people in the last 8 years.

For centuries, the Congo suffered at the hands of Muslim slave raiders. When the Belgians intervened, the Arab slave trade in the Congo was replaced with exploitation by some unscrupulous mining corporations. Since being granted independence in 1960, the Congo has been torn apart by a succession of civil wars, military coups, and unrestrained wholesale plundering of its resources by a succession of socialist dictators.

After Sudan, the Congo is the second largest nation in Africa. The Congo covers 2,344,858 square kilometers including most of the Congo river system and much of the vast central African rain forest.

The Congo includes 450 different ethno-linguistic groups making up an estimated 60 million people.

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Lubumbashi lies at around 1,000 metres above sea level . The Kafue River rises along the Zambian border near the city and meanders through parts of Zambia to the Zambezi River .


The Belgians founded the city of Elisabethville (sometimes Elizabethville , both in French, or Elisabethstad in Dutch) in 1910 . The city prospered with the development of a regional copper mining industry.

Miners in Elisabethville conducted a strike in December 1941 to protest the increasingly severe forced-labor regime that the Belgians imposed on the population, because of the "war efforts".

The Belgians established the University of Elizabethville in 1954 - 1955 (now the University of Lubumbashi ). In municipal elections in December 1957 , the people of Elisabethville gave a vast majority to the Nationalist Alliance de Bakongo , which demanded immediate independence from the Belgians.

Elisabethville served as the capital and center of the secessionist independent state of Katanga during the bloody 1960 - 1963 Congolese civil war. Moise Tshombe proclaimed Katangan independence in July 1960 . Congolese leaders arrested him and charged him with treason in April 1961 ; however, he agreed to dismiss his foreign advisers and military forces in exchange for his release. Tshombe returned to Elisabethville but repudiated these assurances and began to fight anew. United Nations troops opposed Katangan forces and took control of the city in December 1961 under a strong mandate.

Totalitarian kleptocrat Mobutu Sese Seko ultimately assumed power. In his faux "African authenticity" campaign circa 1966 , he replaced Elisabethville with the Africanized name "Lubumbashi." In an attempt to paper over its association with secession, he renamed Katanga "Shaba" in 1972 .

Congo entered another genocidal civil war in the 1990s . The Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo rebels captured Lubumbashi in April 1997 . Rebel leader Laurent-Désiré Kabila spoke from Lubumbashi to declare himself president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on May 17 , 1997 after Mobutu Sese Seko fled Kinshasa.

When Laurent-Désiré Kabila decided to appoint a transitional parliament, in 1999, a decision was made to install the Parliament in Lubumbashi, in order to consolidate the fragile unity of the country. The parliament was installed in the building of the National Assembly of secessionist Katanga , which had its capital in this city as well, in the 1960's. Lubumbashi was therefore the Legislative capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 1999 to 2003, when all the countries central institutions were brought back to Kinshasa.

Culture and economy

Lubumbashi serves as an important commercial and national industrial center. Manufactures include textiles , food products and beverages, printing, bricks, and copper smelting.

Lubumbashi lies at the centre of railway lines to Ilebo , Kindu , Sakania and Kolwezi , however, because of the underinvestments, the railway lines aren't very reliable. Lubumbashi hosts the modern Luano international airport and a daily newspaper. The city consequently serves as a distribution center for such minerals as copper, cobalt, zinc, tin, and coal.

Attractions in the city include a botanical garden , a zoo , a brewery , and the regional archaeological and ethnological National Museum of Lubumbashi . The city also hosts the major University of Lubumbashi , which maintains a library.

August - September 2008 Lubumbashi outreach

A team from The USA, South Africa and Qatar will be together to do ministry in the DRC.

SURE we organise the moment for our Lord in Lubumbashi.

For the conference at university we will have 300 people,we have to organise their lunch and the transportation during 5 days  for those who will came far from the place. We will pay TV and radio for the mobilisation and other expences  the bugdet  that we did is 7500 dolars. The local pastors have an interest and a part of the cost of ministry because their contributions will be given. We didn't fixed the amount par person and we didn't discussed that point with Brother Herb and the team. Please see what can be possible to do.

Herb Hodges, Oliver Mc Donald and Victor Ong teach the Pastors and leaders every day.

Crusade to win people to Jesus.

Many people responded on the Gospel preaching of Hennie.

For the women that organization is different to the first because is an other ministry, only the location of the  conference place will be paid. The responsible propose that moment for 3 days only in the afternoon and the cost is 70 dollars par day. Ellen Mc Donald and Bernice du Plessis did the woman conference.

                               God bless.